9 Creepy-Crawly Bug Makeup Looks, Because It’s Halloween, Witches

It’s finally October, which means, in the immortal words of Missy Elliott, it’s time to get your freak on. As beauty junkies are well aware, there are so many ways to do the most this Halloween.

When we saw the photo above of spider lip art that was so lifelike, it almost made us call an exterminator. The look, which was first spotted by Yahoo Beauty, got our minds wondering: how many other creepy-crawly ways are people channeling insects for Oct. 31? As it turns out, so many makeup enthusiasts are turning to our many-legged friends (or foes, depending on how squeamish you are) for beauty inspiration. And no, this isn’t the cute monarch butterfly kind you’re used to seeing.

Although discovering a spider or cockroach crawling around would turn us into a hot mess IRL, seeing fake bugs on the faces of these Instagrammers brings us nothing but sheer delight. Ahead, why don’t you celebrate the beginning of the best month of the year with some hair-raising makeup looks that just might make you rethink your pretty princess costume.