Here’s Why All Fashion Girls Should Be Watching This Is Us

As someone who is admittedly pretty obsessed with the storyline in This Is Us (I cry at least once per episode), I’m usually not focused on the fashion. After all, the plot doesn’t center on style in any capacity. But the flashbacks do take us back to the late ’70s, and Rebecca’s outfits – including the bohemian-inspired wedding dress she wears for her nuptials to Jack – are at least worth a call-out. Costume designer Hala Bahmet is behind all of the looks, which for Rebecca’s everyday includes vintage denim silhouettes and floral blouses.

Rebecca always appears simple but romantic, and that’s probably one of the reasons Jack fell in love with her. When you read on, you’ll find moments from the first two seasons that made me pause to think about how, exactly, Rebecca’s style helps to convey her personality. Rebecca is very real. She lives in the moment but also tries to stay grounded rather than acting spontaneously. When Mandy Moore gets dressed up as the character, all of that becomes clear.